Animals of Oz native Australian animal incursions are educational, interactive and fun. Our live animal presentations are designed to integrate with key learning areas within the F-10 and VCE Victorian Curriculum. The students will explore biological characteristics of different animal groups, appreciate the vast biodiversity of our fabulous country and understand the importance of conservation. In addition to our standard presentations, Animals of Oz can tailor presentations towards specific classroom education programs.

Animals of Oz offers three distinct environmental education programs that can be presented separate or combined to suit the key learning outcomes in the classroom

Lee Webley is an educator and a qualified scientist. Lee has a Bachelor of Science with Honours majoring in Zoology from the University of Melbourne and a Doctor of Philosophy by research from Macquarie University.

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Animals Galore
Bugs Galore
Rock Pools Galore

Meet some of Australia’s wonderful and unique native fauna with the Animals of Oz ‘Animals Galore’ school program.

  • Mammals
  • Birds
  • Reptiles
  • Amphibians

Get up close to some amazing invertebrates with the Animals of Oz ‘Bugs Galore’ school program.

  • 1 awesome vertebrate
  • Lots of fascinating invertebrates

Explore the rock pool environment and meet some fascinating marine animals with the Animals of Oz ‘Rock Pools Galore’ school program.

  • Splashing sea water
  • Seaweed
  • Lots of local rock pool invertebrates