Interested in getting a reptile as a pet?

We think lizards are lovely pets, frogs are fantastic pets and pythons are perfect pets.
To keep the majority of native animals you will need to obtain a private wildlife licence from the Department of Sustainability and Environment.

Want to have a wild event, but live interstate?

Animals of Oz recommends:
Australian Wildlife Displays
if you live in NSW.
Roving Reds if you live in WA.
Wild Rangers if you live in Qld.

Sponsor Program

Animals of Oz are proud sponsors of the Alpine Dingoes and Spotted Quolls at Kyabram Fauna Park.


We are proud to be members of Toomuc Landcare

Toomuc Landcare


Animals of Oz are proud members of the Mobile Wildlife Educators Association (MWEA)

Mobile Wildlife Educators Association

We are also members of the following societies:

  • Victorian Herpetological Society (VHS)
  • The Australian Mammal Society (AMS)
  • NSW Royal Zoological Society (NSW RZS)
  • The Marsupial Society of Australia (Marsupial Society)
  • Dingo CARE Network (CARE)