Shingleback (Tiliqua rigosa)

WOW these skinks are cool!

Found in the dry areas of southern Australia, including Victoria, these skinks look like they have two heads! Shinglebacks have two main distinct characteristics: a short round tail and large plate-like scales. The tail, which closely resembles their head, is used to confuse predators. The tail has another function, it is used as a fat-storage organ, enabling them to go without food for months when food is scarce. The large scales are like a plate-of-armour and help protect it from predators. Additionally, the scales are designed to reduce water loss during the seasons when its hot and water is scarce.

Shingleback lizards have many common names including Bobtail, Stumpy-tail, Sleepy Lizard, Boggi, Two-headed Lizard and Pinecone Lizard.

Check out Sleepy and his blue tongue.

Central Bearded Dragon (Pogona vitticeps)

Pegasus and Stumpy are the dragon lizards that might visit you.

Central (or Inland) Bearded Dragons are found in semi-arid habitats of inland-eastern Australia, including northern Victoria. The prickly appearance of Bearded Dragons and the large black ‘beard’ they display when threatened, makes them look scarely. Their prickles are acutally soft to touch! Bearded Dragons are often mistaken for Frilled Lizards.

Blotched Blue-tongue Skink (Tiliqua nigrolutea)

The Blotched Blue-tongue Skinks distribution is restricted to south-eastern Australia, including most of Victoria. Their colours make them suitable to the cooler Victoria weather. Blotched Blue-tongue Skinks are black or very dark in colour, this allows them to warm up quicker.

Blotched Blue-tongue Skinks can be found in a range of different habitats, including peoples backyards. They eat a wide variety of food including plant leaves, flowers, bugs and insects. Eating both plants and animals is called omnivorous.

Watch out for Bubblegums tongue when he visits you, because he loves to kiss people!

Frilled Lizard (Chlamydosaurus kingii)

Look how long Cheeky’s tail is! His tail is about two-thirds of this total body length.

The Frilled Lizard or Frill-necked Lizard is one of the most recognised Australian lizards. Is it beause of their unique frill or them being on the 2-cent coin?

Frilled Lizards are an iconic Austalian species, primarily due to their beautiful frill. They extend their frill when they feel threatened, making them look bigger than they actually are. Did you know that they also use their frill for communicating with other Frilled Lizards?

Unlike many other lizards, Frilled Lizards spend most of their time up trees. They are well adapted to life up trees. Their long claws enable them to easily climb trees, while their reddish-brown colouring provides them with excellent camouflage. Just remember to look up, not down, when looking for Frilled Lizards.