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Are the children fascinated with reptiles, birds, bugs or the beach?

Then let Animals of Oz bring a range of Australian animals for the children to watch, touch, smell and appreciate. We have three interactive programs tailored to suit children of a young age.

Animals Galore

Meet some of Australia’s wonderful and unique native fauna with the Animals of Oz ‘Animals Galore’ education program.

Discover the diversity and uniqueness of Australia’s native animals. You will get up close to, interact with and learn about our furry, feathery and scaly friends from the bush.

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Bugs Galore

Get up close to some amazing invertebrates with the Animals of Oz ‘Bugs Galore’ education program.

Explore the interesting, fascinating and strange world of invertebrates. Found in a range of different habitats, you will meet invertebrates from rainforests to invertebrates from backyards. Discover where they live, what they eat, how they can change, how they protect themselves and how we can protect them.

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Rock Pools Galore

Explore the rock pool environment and meet some fascinating marine animals with the Animals of Oz ‘Rock Pools Galore’ education program.

Roll your sleeves up and get your hands wet! Meet the animals that call the Victorian rock pools home. Discover the different shapes, size and special characteristics of these beautiful animals. Our beaches and rock pools are under stress and they need your help!

Download our flyer to advertise our visit to your centre!

Frequently Asked Questions

How early do you arrive to set up?
We have very little to set up, so only arrive 10min before our scheduled start time.

Can we have the incursion inside?
Yes definitely. As we primarily hold and carry the animals, they are not running around making a mess on the floor.

Can we move the animals between the different rooms?
Yes, the animals some in about 6 small sized boxes so it very easy to move between rooms. A helper to carry a couple of boxes is always appreciated.

Can we get an invoice?
An invoice is normally emailed after the incursion, prepayment is not required. If you would like prepay just ask.

How much deposit is required?
No deposit is required to make a booking.

Can I pay with credit card?
Sorry, at the moment we do not have credit card facilities. Payment is either bank transfer, cheque or cash on the day.

Contact Animals of Oz

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Officer, Vic 3809
P: 0418 318 774

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