School Holiday Activities

Looking for an interactive, educational and fun program for your:

Library, Kids Club, Family Entertainment Venue, School Holiday Club?

Then let Animals of Oz bring their reptile show, wildlife show or bug show to you!

We offer two fun filled interactive programs:

Animals Galore

The Animals of Oz ‘Animals Galore’ education program incorporates a range of native animals, we are more then just reptiles.  The children will learn about the animals, their environment and conservation, and will also get the opportunity to interact with them. Yes, they get to touch the animals.

Bugs Galore

The Animals of Oz ‘Bugs Galore’ education programs incorporate a range of native invertebrates. The children will learn about the bugs, where to find them, and how we need to protect them. They will also get to interact with them, or should I say most of them

The ‘Animals Galore’ and ‘Bugs Galore’ education programs are 1hr in duration and is best suited for group sizes of up to 35 children.
Don’t worry if you have more children, we can cater the program to suit the number and ages of children at your centre!

PS. The programs are also educational!


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Frequently Asked Questions

How early do you arrive to set up?
We have very little to set up, so only arrive 5-10min before our scheduled start time

Can we have the incursion inside?
Yes definitely. As we primarily hold and carry the animals, they are not running around making a mess on the floor

Can we get an invoice?
An invoice is normally emailed after the incursion, prepayment is not required. If you would like prepay just ask.

How much deposit is required?
No deposit is required to make a booking

Can I pay with credit card?
Sorry, at the moment we do not have credit card facilities. Payment is either bank transfer, cheque or cash on the day.