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Have a birthday party to remember with Animals of Oz!

Your child will have the wildest party in town with an Animals of Oz reptile party, animal party, wildlife party, zoo party, bug party or rock pool party.

In a jam-packed hour, Animals of Oz will keep the children entertained as they meet some of Australia’s unique and fascinating animals. Your child will get to be our special ‘animal ranger’ and be the envy of the other children who attend.

At the end, the ‘animal ranger’ will get a special birthday present that money can’t buy.

Don’t forget to have the camera battery charged to take lots of photos, and if you have a special request just ask!

Wildlife Party

Our Wildlife Birthday Parties will ensure your child has a fun and memorable day!

Let your child take charge with them being our ‘JUNIOR RANGER’

The kids will have fun discovering the diversity and uniqueness of animals that are found in the Australian bush. They will meet, get up close to, interact with and learn about our furry, feathery and scaly friends, including:  

-Green tree frog 
-Bearded dragon
-Blue tongue lizard
-Python and 

Bug Party

Get up close to some amazing invertebrates with an Animals of Oz Bug Party! 

Explore the interesting, fascinating and strange world of invertebrates. Found in a range of different habitats, you will meet invertebrates from both rainforests and backyards. Discover where they live, what they eat, how they can change, how they protect themselves and how we can protect them. 

The party guests will include: 

– Stick insects 
– Millipede  
-Giant snail  
-Slug and 
-a spectacular spider 

Plus one special non-bug guest!

Rock Pool Party

Explore the rock pool environment and meet some fascinating marine animals with an Animals of Oz Rock Pool Party!  

Roll up your sleeves, get your hands wet, and meet the animals that call Victorian rock pools home. Discover the different shapes, size and special characteristics of these beautiful animals.  

The party guests will include:  

-Lots of sea stars   
-Sea urchins 
-Elephant snails 

P.S. There will be lots of water!


P.S. The program is also educational, but don’t tell the kids!

Frequently Asked Questions

What time do I start the party?
Start the party at least 30min before the animals. This will ensure all the guests have arrived before the show starts.

How early do you arrive to set up?
We have very little to set up, so only arrive 5min before our scheduled start time

Can we have the party outside?
Yes. As a general rule, if the kids are comfortable with the weather the animals are too

If the party is inside, will the animals make a mess?
Not likely, since we carry the animals they are not running around pooing on the floor.

Can we have the party at a park?
Yes, but please have an extreme weather backup plan (rain or heat). It is not fair on us to cancel the party the day before because it is raining.

Can we have the party at your location?
We are a private zoo that is not open to the public. We can visit you at any location for your party.

How do I pay?
You can either pay cash on the day or bank transfer BEFORE the party. That is funds cleared before the party. Sorry we do not have credit card facilities.

How much deposit is required?
No deposit is required to make a booking, just pay in full on the day.

Do you visit rural Victoria?
Yes we do visit the rural areas of Victoria, just let us know where you live as travel fees will apply.

Contact Animals of Oz

PO Box 293,
Officer, Vic 3809
P: 0418 318 774

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