meet the gang


Hi everyone, I am the owner, educator and animal keeper for Animals of Oz. I have always had an avid interest in native wildlife, an interest that has been depicted in my career path. I completed a Bachelor of Science degree from The University of Melbourne, where my subjects were primarily in the field of zoology.
Lee and Kookie
I then went on to do an honours research degree on kangaroos from Kangaroo Island. It was at this point that I developed a huge fascination with reptiles, but unfortunately was not allowed to keep any snakes while still living with my parents! I still wanted to learn more, so moved to Sydney and started a PhD on wildlife management.

Soon afterwards I got my first snake, a Spotted Python (Liasis maculosa) that I named Charlie Brown (because I didn’t know if it was a boy or girl).

In 2004 I met Anthony Stimson, and was soon working for his company Australian Wildlife Displays doing wildlife education presentations. When I moved back to Victoria I decided that I wanted to continue educating the public about Australia’s wonderful and fascinating native wildlife. Therefore, I started Animals of Oz.

Meet the Gang!